Do you understand this idiomatic language?

Jack never lifts a finger.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Have you ever spent an arm and a leg on something?
Is there something that you would not do over your dead body?
Is sushi your cup of tea?
Do you have a really good friend that you meet only once in a blue moon?
Have you ever got something really valuable for a song?
Do you know someone who always pulls your leg?
Mark was caught red-handed when he was trying to steal money from his mum’s purse.
I’ve been given the boot. Back to looking for a job again.


To never lift a finger – nie helfen, keinen Finger rühren
To keep my fingers crossed – Daumen drücken
To spend an arm and a leg – sehr viel Geld für etwas ausgeben
Not over my dead body – nur über meine Leiche
Not my cup of tea – nicht so mein Ding
Once in a blue moon – sehr selten
To get something for a song – ein Schnäppchen machen, sehr günstig bekommen
To pull someone’s leg – jemanden auf die Schippe nehmen
To catch someone red-handed – jemanden bei etwas erwischen
To be given the boot – gekündigt werden