Variieren Sie Ihre Sprache!

Vary your language!

1. Use synonyms
tasty –  delicious, divine (göttlich), heavenly
unpleasant – disgusting (ekelhaft)
interesting – fascinating
happy – over the moon, ecstatic
funny – hilarious
dirty – filthy
scared, frightened – terrified
difficult – impossible
angry – furious
bad – awful, terrible
big – enormous
tired – exhausted
small – tiny (very small)

2. Use typical idioms

I’ll keep you posted – Ich halte Dich auf dem Laufenden.
It’s not easy to get hold of you – Du bist schwer zu erreichen.
Let’s touch base next week Lass uns nächste Woche wieder sprechen.
Drop me a line sometime soon – Meld Dich bald!

3. Grade your adjectives

expensive – terribly expensive
good – really good
cheap – incredibly cheap
surprised – mildly surprised / extremely surprised
broke (pleite) – flat broke
new – brandnew
clear – crystal clear
asleep – sound asleep
disappointed – bitterly disappointed

4. Use comparison

She is as busy as a bee.
He is as strong as an ox.
He slept like a log.
Your explanation is as clear as mud.
She was as white as a sheet.

5. Phrasal verbs (verbs with prepositions that have a meaning different from their individual words)

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (instead of “contact”).
We can get by – wir kommen finanziell klar (instead of “We can manage”).
Susan and Mark broke up (instead of “ended their relationship”).
I bumped into John yesterday (instead of “met him  unexpectedly”).